Well, here we are…parenting.

We took a driver’s ed course before getting our first driver’s license but the only training we get on parenting is usually what our parents did.  What our parents did. How many times did you say to yourself

“I’ll never do/say that when I have kids…”?

Have you done or said those things? Chances are some of the things your parents did were wonderful, and some not so wonderful.  If you don’t learn skills to deal with things that your parents didn’t deal well with then you are left with only a few options:  do the same thing, do the opposite or do nothing.  Maybe that’s not such a great plan, after all.

There’s no shame in going to an Albuquerque parenting class to learn a few new skills.  It doesn’t mean you are a bad or ineffective parent, it just means you want to learn something new to raise the chances of enjoying your children more and raising an adult who is well adjusted, productive and fun to be around!

Ask yourself what happens if you do nothing… If you are feeling frustrated or angry then your kid is likely to feel the same way.  If you had the opportunity to deal with bad behavior without being frustrated, wouldn’t you jump at it, especially if you thought that your kid’s behavior would improve?!

Whether you have a toddler who is throwing tantrums, biting or kicking, siblings who are constantly fighting or a school age child who forgets their homework and won’t feed the dog to a teen who is negative, disrespectful and irresponsible, new skills can help turn your world around.

Relationship Works! offers group and private parenting classes in Albuquerque, on location and/or by telephone. 

Our Becoming a Love and Logic Parent classes are held in two hour sessions once per week for six weeks.  Parents, grandparents and others involved in the lives of children will learn how to easily and immediately change bad behavior, have more fun and less stress without being “the bad guy,” yelling or feeling frustrated.

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Our “got kids?” classes are for parents of tweens and up who would like to learn how to transition from having a young child into having a tween, teen or grown child.  These classes are held in one and one-half hour sessions once per week for four weeks.  You will learn how to use the word respect in conversation, new listening skills, how to make agreements and hold others accountable and how to offer support in ways that increase trust, open lines of communication and recreate relationships in healthy and fulfilling ways.

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