Meet Elissa

When beginning her business, Elissa drew on her natural inclination of coaching, which started in her early school years. She recalls a time in third grade when she took over the teaching for a substitute teacher out of her element. Elissa tutored her classmates in a variety of subjects all throughout school, and as an adult directed church youth programs.

When Elissa and her husband faced the typical challenges with the parenting of their three children she took her teachable attitude and applied her creativity to develop new parenting skills. She combined that with knack for teaching to develop the programs of Relationship Works! that help parents and couples learn skills to improve. Elissa’s mission is to replace anger and frustration with the absolute joy of relationships by raising skills, not fixing problems. She later added coaching programs to help individuals and groups create the lives they want by incorporating emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, creativity and an ability to help people uncover and overcome blocks.

Elissa grew up in the medical field, following both parents and later her mother-in-law into medicine. Realizing that people were being treated as if they were broken, she began using nutrition as a way of supporting people in getting healthy. People began asking her for coaching and she used her intuitive abilities to help people see themselves as not broken, just needing to learn new skills and break out of the ruts they had upholstered. Using adaptive styles and drawing from an abundance of techniques, Elissa fulfils her mission by simply and easily transferring relationship skills to her students and clients in a relatable way delivering immediate results.